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Who is NCLEX Preceptor? A company run by certified nursing instructors. We focus on developing products that help nursing students pass NCLEX on



NCLEX Test Prep Books: We are proud of our #1 Best Selling books that have been featured on Amazon and used at nursing schools in the United States, Canada, and Philippines.


NCLEX Questions Mobile App: Use our mobile apps to get 1000’s of NCLEX Questions and Rationales to help you Pass NCLEX. Our apps are designed to give you practice so that you pass NCLEX on the 1st try.


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“I passed NCLEX on my 1st try.  I used NCLEX Preceptor’s books to review practice questions.  “Top NCLEX Meds” did a good job preparing me NCLEX.”

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“The first time I took NCLEX, I failed!  Another student recommend NCLEX Questions app.  The app to help me focus on important topic found on NCLEX.  I reviewed the numerous practice NCLEX Questions and rationales.  After reviewing the app, I pass NCLEX!”

Ella Harper

“I found out about NCLEX Preceptor at the National Nursing Students Association.  Our class used their practice test to prepare for NCLEX.  Our school has over a 98% pass rate.  After using their test I was well prepared to take NCLEX.”

Audrey Meeks